Arcade1Up Conversions

Would you like your Arcade1Up Machine Upgraded?

We upgrade the system to our 10,000 games, beef up the cabinet, modify your buttons and joysticks to commercial arcade standard, and add extras so they can play more games.

arcade 1up control board modification

Then we install our custom 10,000 game “ManCave” software on our powerful and expandable internal computer.

Includes a 6 month parts and labor warranty (Lower Mainland)

2 player $500
4 player $750

marvel and TMNT 1up mods

Drop off the machine at our Vancouver factory on 8815 Selkirk St, or ship to us unassembled ($50 for assembly)

We can also retrofit classic cabinets just hit us up on our contact form and describe your project.

Below is a sample of some of our conversion projects, click to view the full image.