An Arcade Tribute to the Iconic NHL 94: The Saskatoon Spectacle

For classic sports games enthusiasts, few titles match the legendary NHL 94. To this day, many sports gamers insist NHL 94 is still the best damn hockey game ever made.

nhl full size arcade cabinet custom in saskatoon saskachewan

We designed this cabinet to resonate with NHL 94 fans intent or recapturing mid-90s arcade magic. Our design features logos and sprites from the original, that signature blue ice color on the sides, and a kick panel packed with NHL 94 media buzz.

NHL 94 arcade cabinet custom media buzzWe carefully considered every detail in this arcade machine’s creation. From the control panel with its classic buttons and joysticks, to the vibrant backlit marquee emblazoned with the game’s title. We even take the painstaking step to source hard-to-find classic 3:4 screens for each one of our cabinets.

arcade cabinet with classic 3:4 aspect ratio

After weeks of meticulous work, we completed and shipped this special creation to a customer in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, who shares our passion for retro gaming and hockey. The cabinet now proudly sits in their home, serving as a reminder of a simpler time when all you needed for a great time was a few quarters and a love for the game.

NHL 94 arcade cabinet shrink wrapped arrival in saskatoon saskachewan

The NHL 94-themed arcade cabinet by Arcade Time Machine is more than just a piece of gaming equipment; it’s a tribute to a beloved classic that continues to captivate gamers. This cabinet stands as a testament to our dedication for preserving arcademagic. We look forward to creating more unique arcade cabinets that bring joy and nostalgia to gamers around the world.

playable nhl 94 arcade machine

Stay tuned for more exciting projects from Arcade Time Machine!